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Hola VPN Review: Just Another VPN or Something Different?

There seem to be a million and one VPN providers on the market, so it stands to reason that there’s more than a few services that you’ve never heard of before. Hola VPN is one service that isn’t as popular and well-known as industry leading services like TorGuard VPN, PIA VPN, Express VPN, or PureVPN… Read More »

TorGuard vs PIA – Which is the Better VPN Service to Use?

TorGuard and PIA VPN are two of my favorite providers in the industry, which is saying something, because I feel like I’ve tested them all. However, these two services are extremely different, especially considering which types of customers they appeal to and how the structure their services. You should know that TorGuard is based out… Read More »

VPN vs SmartDNS and Proxies – What’s the Better Option?

Technology is anything but simple, and there are a lot of services that try to compete with the vast array of benefits that VPN tunnel provide. Most typically, your average user only becomes aware of proxy servers, SmartDNS, and VPN tunnels when they want to access restricted content – and there are a variety of… Read More »

Tor vs VPNs – When is it Best to Use One Over the Other?

By now even nontechnical and casual web surfers have heard of Tor, whether or not they fully understand what it does. Tor is an online privacy mechanism that promises to protect the anonymity of their users. Or that’s the goal, anyway. Many of you may have heard that the FBI had hacked their network in… Read More »

VypyrVPN Review – Is VypyrVPN Just Another VPN Service?

VyprVPN, which offers quality VPN connections, is different from other VPN providers in many ways. They have some unique features that bolster security more than their competition, and they have an interesting pricing model. Whether you are simply looking for a way to keep governmental agencies and hackers from snooping around your personal data or… Read More » VPN Review – A Good Service, or Not is a little strange when you compare them to other VPN providers, namely because of where they are located. The vast majority of VPN providers have headquarters in either Europe or North America. And because the American government (that is, the NSA) has been caught in wiretapping scandals, some people want to use an… Read More »

Astril VPN Review – Is Astrill VPN Worth it?

Astrill VPN is yet another VPN service provider in an already crowded industry. With so many different players in the market, you can bet big money that some of them are complete garbage. And while there are many providers who can offer quality service and decent prices, there’s only a few providers that are exceptional.… Read More »