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Conner is a self-professed tech nerd, obsessed with digital security and privacy. He loves debugging "lost causes" and thwarting hackers. When not in his depressing cubicle in Corporate America, he's blogging here.

How to Encrypt Email – Easy Email Encryption Options

Even with the invention of social media platforms, instant messaging, and video calling, most of us still depend heavily on emails. It’s such a convenient way to send messages and files to a friend, family member, or colleague. Unfortunately, emails are unbelievably insecure. I’m sure that most Americans have heard about governmental surveillance programs that… Read More »

PureVPN vs Express VPN – Which VPN Should You Pick?

PureVPN and ExpressVPN are two of my favorite VPN providers, and naturally, they are two of the industry’s top leaders. There are a swarms of other providers in the industry, but PureVPN and ExpressVPN have consistently delivered a dependable and quality service for years. Naturally, there’s no such thing as a “perfect” VPN service, so… Read More »

The Best CCleaner Alternatives to Consider

If you’ve ever browsed the Internet, chances are you’ve run across an advertisement for CCleaner. It seems to be the most industrious, most successful, and most popular PC optimizer and cleaner on the web. And to tell you the truth, I think it does a pretty darn good job myself. If that weren’t enough, it… Read More »

How to Watch Roku Outside of the US – What You’ll Need

These days, there’s a ton of fantastic, entertaining content that is produced within the United States. But there’s one big problem. Many other countries, despite being interested in digesting the video content, don’t have access. Several reasons exist that cause an inability to access desired content, but the largest problem is that servers based in… Read More »

The Best Gaming Routers for Xbox One

There has long been a rivalry between PC gamers and console gamers, but whichever you prefer, one thing remains constant if you’re serious: you need top quality network hardware to improve your gaming experience. Personally, I prefer gaming consoles like the Xbox One for a few reasons. Firstly, I prefer a controller to a keyboard.… Read More »

Unlocator Review – Does it Really Work as Advertised?

Unlocator is growing in popularity, but there are several things you need to know before you sign up for their service. First off, understand that they are not a VPN service. While they do add a little bit of security through increasing privacy, they aren’t truly a security service. One of the greatest benefits of… Read More »

NordVPN vs HideMyAss Compared – Which VPN Should You Go With?

If you’ve been shopping around for a quality VPN service, you’ve likely already run across NordVPN and HideMyAss VPN. HMA VPN has a slightly ribald marketing strategy that seems to stick in your head, and despite a tamer marketing strategy, NordVPN is highly competitive with HMA. It’s tough knowing which service is the best, especially… Read More »

How to Stop Windows 10 from Collecting Your Data

Windows has been a pioneer in the operating systems and software industries for decades. It’s no surprise the Microsoft has helped shape our modern data-driven world. And their latest and greatest operating system, Windows 10, is supposedly the last operating system in the Windows line of software. There’s just one problem. It is incredibly insecure… Read More »