Hola VPN Review: Just Another VPN or Something Different?

There seem to be a million and one VPN providers on the market, so it stands to reason that there’s more than a few services that you’ve never heard of before. Hola VPN is one service that isn’t as popular and well-known as industry leading services like TorGuard VPN, PIA VPN, Express VPN, or PureVPN… Read More »

Eset vs Norton – Which Security Solution is Best?

Antivirus and antimalware software has become a necessary computing staple in our technology-dependent society. Each day, hundreds – even thousands – of new viruses, vulnerabilities, and exploits are discovered on a smattering of operating systems and device types. Things have gotten so bad that some operating systems that were previously though to be impervious to… Read More »

Avira vs Norton – Which Antivirus Solution is Better and Why?

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Avast Cleanup Review – Does it Really do the Job?

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Tomato vs DD-WRT – Which Firmware Fork is Better?

There’s a lot of debate between which competing firmware fork is better, which is hard to nail down exactly, because it’s ultimately a subjective choice. Nevertheless, we’re going to break down the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of these two increasingly popular replacements for lackluster OEM router firmware. If you didn’t already know, realize that it’s… Read More »

Powerbook Medic Review: Is This Service Legit?

Powerbook Medic offers a whole range of options that will help you decide what to do with your old and worn out Apple products. Whether you have a laptop, mobile device, wearable device, iPod or other type of computer, Powerbook Medic can help you personally make repairs, charge a fee to make the repairs for… Read More »

How to Speed Up Your Old Laptop (Instead of Buying a New One)

I think just about everyone, at one time or another, has debated between chucking their old, slow laptop in the trash can and inducing headaches by trying to get the darn thing to run faster. It’s not an easy decision, either. Unfortunately, laptops and computers have extremely ephemeral lifespans, and it seems that a hotter… Read More »